Social and Environmental Responsibility

The success of Sumatra Copper & Gold depends on its ability to develop and operate mining operations and this success is intrinsically linked to the social and physical environment and the Company’s employees. Sumatra Copper & Gold is therefore wholly committed to supporting the rights and cultures of local indigenous communities and also to the safety, health and development of its staff.

Corporate Governance

Sumatra Copper & Gold follows a standard code of conduct for appropriate ethics and professional behavior on its operations. Procedures and practices have been adopted to ensure effective corporate governance is in place, and to provide as an appropriate guidelines to ethical and responsible decision making processes.


As an emerging mining company, Sumatra Copper & Gold recognises the importance of balancing the pursuit of shareholder value with its obligation to the communities in which it operates, in terms of building and maintaining good relations with local residents and employees, and working closely with local Government agencies.

Sumatra Copper & Gold’s Board of Directors has considerable experience working in the minerals industry and the Company has also joined with reputable and experienced Indonesian partners. These factors ensure that Sumatra Copper & Gold is aware and mindful of the sensitivities of the local environment, and the Company works hard to understand the culture and social patterns of the people of Sumatra.

Sumatra Copper & Gold believes it has multiple responsibilities towards both the people living in its operational area and its indigenous workforce. In order to meet those responsibilities, the Company endeavours to consult local populations in Sumatra on all matters that will affect their communities. The Company also maintains an open dialogue with Governments and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) on all plans for its sites.

By hiring local people to communicate with indigenous groups, Sumatra Copper & Gold strives to be as transparent and considerate as possible in everything the Company does.

The Company also invests in local village community development. Key development activities have included:
  • - The supply of clean drinking water to drought affected areas

  • - Training to improve the capacity of public health services, including immunisation, contraceptive services, pregnant women and toddler health checks, and engagement with the community through women;

  • - Road rehabilitation to improve the condition, reduce impact on vehicles and provide local employment; 

  • - Drainage canals to mitigate flooding impacts and provide local employment; 

  • - Health volunteer training; 

  • - Home industry to increase community income, including engagement with the Government, training and market research; and

  • - Programs for the local community to provide goods and services to the Project.


Sumatra Copper & Gold believes that the health and safety of its employees is of the highest priority and the adherence to proper health and safety standards is a fundamental responsibility of the Company’s management team. All Sumatra Copper & Gold employees are properly trained to meet those standards and health and safety will never be compromised.

Sumatra Copper & Gold also believes it has a responsibility to further the development of local communities through the employment of people who are indigenous to the area in which it operates. By providing the appropriate training to those employees, Sumatra Copper & Gold aims to increase the opportunities available to local people and boost the contribution it makes to the Sumatran economy.

The Company has successfully recruited and trained a quality Indonesian workforce, including a significant proportion from surrounding communities, supported by a small team of experienced expatriates. The Company currently employs more than 600 Indonesian nationals (contractors and employees) onsite at Tembang and in the Jakarta office. The culture is one of teamwork and accountability, with our workers taking great pride in their achievements. 

Health and Safety

The Company is also committed to the health and safety of its employees, contractors and the community. The occupational health and safety program comprises of input from teams representing all areas of the operation with meetings held on a regular basis. A site-wide Safety Management System is expected to be rolled out during 2016.